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Pda Girls College Showcase 2015

The Florida Winter Cup & Showcase welcomes you to this year's event. All games will played on December 8-10 at Premier Sports Campus. All U15-U19 Showcase bracket games will be filmed access will given to all registered College Coaches. We will be providing attending coaches food throughout the weekend as well as college profile books with maps and schedules. Please contact Ryan Morgan, 804-443-7207, if you have any questions. We look forward to hosting you at the top soccer showcase in Florida!

Pda Girls College Showcase 2015

The Cal South 2015 National Cup Champions for the younger division are: Total Futbol Academy (U-12 boys), Surf EGSL Academy (U-12 girls), Pateadores IER PDA (U-13 boys) and Eagles Soccer Club (U-13 girls).

The largest number of teams participating in the 2015 National Cup came in the U16 bracket, with 78 boys teams and 67 girls teams participating. An additional 87 boys teams and 73 girls teams participated in the U16 bracket in State Cup. 041b061a72


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