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Wyatt Collins
Wyatt Collins

FlippedNormals Game Ready Realistic Eye Pack ((TOP))

The Realistic Eye Kit is a easy way to quickly push your characters to the next level. Get ready to level up with a huge variety of realistic eyes for your characters. The eye kit is perfect to work with in both production level VFX and virtually any game project you might have. Quality and flexibility give you room for every use case, including close-ups.

FlippedNormals Game Ready Realistic Eye Pack

Info:This is a textured, fully rigged, game-ready, nude female mesh. The lowpoly has about 20.4k polys, and the high poly sculpt is included. The textures are PBR friendly, and it?s rigged with the 3ds Max biped so it?s compatible with lots of available animations. This is the perfect product for someone looking to rapidly get a female character working in a game, and don?t want to spend much time.

3 Blue Eyes3 Brown Eyes3 Green Eyes3 Mixed Eyes1 Gold Eye1 Red Eye1 Zombie EyeWHAT ABOUT THE TEXTURES?The textures provided follow the PBR industry standard and are simple to integrate with most if not all game-engines.As regards to size, the textures in this pack is split into four downloadable versions:


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