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Wyatt Collins
Wyatt Collins

Label Factory Deluxe 4 NEW! Crack 13

to celebrate the first release on the label, warp have produced some very special limited edition run clear coloured vinyl in a further two colour combinations. the first comes in a special limited edition run of 100 in the colour of dark mahogany, featuring three different coloured print types on each record. the second comes in a special limited edition run of 50 in the colour of light beech, featuring the same three different coloured print types on each record.

Label Factory Deluxe 4 Crack 13

as well as the limited edition lps, the label is also offering a special bundle deal. buy the lps and get the special limited edition box sets of the first three releases on the label for a discount price. the lps available for purchase are: burial - untitled (original mix), four tet - puzzle, four tet - feathers and four tet - turnstile. each lp is sold with a special booklet and an exclusive poster print.

the run clear coloured vinyl has been produced by warp's in-house sleeve designer, warps benjamin foulkes, who also designed the labels for the third warp lp box set. the label has experimented with many different techniques to ensure the master tapes are as smooth as possible. each lp has been given a high-gloss finish, with each lp playing at 45rpm with the first side at 33.3rpm and the second side at 66.6rpm. it is not a speed-limited vinyl, however the records run at a very high pitch, making the records quite difficult to play. each lp is numbered and comes with a special limited edition insert.

we are excited to announce the release of two exciting new products from the vinyl factory: "the vinyl factory" is a series of four albums that give you the opportunity to learn about the history of music and the recording process. "the vinyl factory" by the vinyl factory company. this 100-page hardcover book is packed with rare photos, and extensive production information. in "the vinyl factory: the story of music," the vinyl factory company takes a look at the history of music from the earliest origins of music to the technological advances of the 21st century.


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