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Wyatt Collins
Wyatt Collins

HACK Power ISO 3.6 With Cerial EXCLUSIVE

This update provides support to the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) Ansible modules. IPMI is a specification for a set of management interfaces to communicate with baseboard management controller (BMC) devices. The IPMI modules - ipmi_power and ipmi_boot - are available in the redhat.rhel_mgmt Collection, which you can obtain by installing the ansible-collection-redhat-rhel_mgmt package.

HACK Power ISO 3.6 With Cerial

Previously, ReaR could produce a rescue image without the bootlist executable on the IBM Power Systems, Little Endian architecture. Consequently, if the powerpc-utils-core package is not installed, the rescue image did not contain the bootlist executable.

Executing the tuned-adm profile powersave command leads to an unresponsive state of the Penguin Valkyrie 2000 2-socket systems with the older Thunderx (CN88xx) processors. Consequently, reboot the system to resume working. To work around this problem, avoid using the powersave profile if your system matches the mentioned specifications.

I must emphasize the accuracy of Roy Tinker's comment. This is not legal JSON. It's a dirty, dirty hack on the server to remove the issue before it becomes a problem for JavaScript. It will choke a JSON parser. I used it for getting off the ground, but I do not use this any more. However, I still feel the best answer lies with changing how the server formats the date, for example, ISO as mentioned elsewhere.


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